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What is Tendering?

Tendering is submitting a proposal to compete for a contract or project. It involves preparing and submitting a bid in response to a request for proposals (RFP), an invitation to tender (ITT), or other similar procurement documents.

What is eTenders in Ireland?

eTenders is the Irish government’s electronic tendering platform that allows suppliers to access and submit tenders electronically for a wide range of public sector contracts.

How do I register to use eTenders in Ireland?

To register to use eTenders in Ireland, you must create an account on the eTenders website and complete the supplier registration process. You must also provide basic information about your business, such as its name, address, and contact details.

What are the benefits of using eTenders in Ireland?

Using eTenders in Ireland can help businesses save time and reduce costs associated with traditional paper-based tendering processes. It also provides greater transparency, accessibility, and security in the tendering process, making it easier for businesses to access and bid for public sector contracts.

What services does bid prep involve?

Bid prep involves working with a bid specialist to define your business proposition, identify and target prospective customers, and create compelling, supporting tender content highlighting your capability, experience, and expertise.

What services does bid manage involve?

Bid manage involves working with a bid specialist to produce best-in-class winning tenders that are compliant, compelling, persuasive, and articulate value so buyers consistently want to buy from you.

What services does bid consult involve?

Bid consult involves working with a bid specialist to appraise your tender efficiency and effectiveness. This includes evaluating your win rates, processes, submissions, tender team, production environment, systems, and technologies and reporting on areas preventing sales and growth.

How can bid specialists help my business win tenders in Ireland?

Bid specialists can provide expert guidance and support throughout the tendering process, helping you to identify and target prospective customers, develop a compelling proposition, and produce high-quality tender responses that outscore the competition.

How much does it cost to use bid specialists for tendering in Ireland?

The cost of using bid specialists can vary depending on the support required and the complexity of the tendering process. It is best to request a quote from a bid specialist to get an accurate estimate of costs.

Can bid specialists work with businesses in any industry sector in Ireland?

Yes, bid specialists can work with businesses in any industry sector in Ireland, from construction and engineering to IT and professional services.

What qualifications and experience should I look for in a bid specialist?

Look for a bid specialist with relevant qualifications, experience in your industry sector, and a proven track record of success in supporting businesses through the tendering process.

How can Opportunity Targeting help my business?

Opportunity Targeting can help your business by collaborating with you to develop a comprehensive profile of your ideal buyers and identify market opportunities that align with your business goals. This capability enables you to focus on prospects and channels that offer the most significant potential returns on investment.

What is Value Proposition, and how can Bid Specialists help me?

Value Proposition is a statement that describes why a customer should choose your product or service over your competitors. Bid Specialists can help you identify your unique selling points and value proposition, helping you to build an irresistible offer that speaks directly to the needs and desires of your target audience.

How can Qualification Process Design benefit my business?

Qualification Process Design can help your business by assisting you in designing and implementing a qualification process aligned to best practices that enables you to effectively assess potential opportunities and prioritize your resources accordingly, ensuring that you pursue only those most likely to succeed.

What is Bid Process Design, and how can it help my business?

Bid Process Design is developing a tailored bid process that aligns with your business goals and enables you to compete effectively for high-value contracts in your target market. It can help your business by providing a systematic approach to tendering that maximises your chances of success.

What is Content Library, and how can it help me with my bids?

Content Library is a comprehensive tender library with sales success stories such as project descriptions, case studies, capability statements, awards, memberships, relevant qualifications, resumes, and more. It can help you with your bids by giving you a wealth of compelling content to draw from for your submissions.

How can Template Design benefit my business in tendering?

Template Design can help your business by designing custom templates that align with your brand and enable you to effectively showcase your capabilities and value proposition in your tender submissions, making it easier for evaluators to assess your bid.

What is Content Writing & Editing, and how can it help me win more business?

Content Writing & Editing creates compelling, visually-driven sales content that effectively communicates your value proposition and competitive differentiators, helping you stand out in a crowded field of bidders. It can help you win more business by making your bid more persuasive and engaging to the evaluator.

What are Graphics & Branding, and how can they benefit my business in tendering?

Graphics & Branding is the creation of custom graphics and branding elements that align with your visual identity and help you to effectively convey your brand message and value proposition to potential buyers. It can benefit your business in tendering by enhancing the visual appeal of your bid and improving its chances of success.

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